Did you know that the number one complaint about lawyers in the United States is that even after they are paid and hired, they often do not return client phone calls? We all know that attorneys have case deadlines and that emergencies crop up, especially in family law cases, which must be dealt with immediately. It is suitable for an attorney to avoid contacting their clients with unnecessary calls or e-mails to run up their bill. However, the complaint that we often hear from potential clients referred to us because they want to replace their current attorney is that they have received no response from their counsel for a month or more, even after leaving dozens of messages. Now, that’s a bridge too far, and it is very unprofessional. Izzo & Associates, PLLC has worked primarily on a referral basis for decades because we keep our clients informed about critical matters as necessary, and we take the time to respond when our clients do have a crisis. We take our job seriously, take the time to answer new client questions, and even outline a strategy upfront at no charge. If you then wish to engage us as your case progresses, we will continue to counsel you, purposely providing you with both the good and the bad news so that you can make informed legal decisions. We have learned that it makes no sense to sugarcoat issues or waste your time and money. We work as a team with our clients, and you are the boss.

In fact, unlike most law firms that never give out attorneys’ personal phone numbers, we always make one available to each of our clients. We understand that you need the ability to reach one of us when an emergency arises, not just during business hours. The practice of family law involves nearly all aspects of your life. Whether we are helping you get through a divorce, modify, or enforce a previous order, protect your assets or you from harm, establish custody of a child, draft paperwork or a will, navigate the probate of a deceased loved one’s estate, or happily adopt a new member of your family, we will always fight for the successful resolution of your important issues.

Please feel free to continue to look through our website. Take some time to see what Legal Services we offer, or give us a call if you wish. One of our attorneys will respond as soon as possible, generally the same day. They will also be glad to listen to your story, offer a free assessment of your needs and issues, and then let you decide if we may assist you. Even if you need more time to consult with friends or family members who may be helping you with fees or who provide emotional support and want to ask us more in-depth questions, we will also respond to them.